Anna Gehan



My Professional Experience

Hi, I’m Anna. I’ve been a marketer in the NYC tech industry since 2012. Although I started off my career in New York City, I earned my BA from the University of Dayton. I chose a liberal arts education because it refined my problem solving skills and helped to prepare me for any situation. It required me to use both sides of my brain, which I love. This is how I chose my major, art history—I loved that it combined the endless creativity of visual arts with analytical critique. Hours upon hours of critical analysis helped me hone my writing skills. Likewise, I found marketing to be the perfect extension of these skills. Marketing allows me to use my creativity, both written and visual, alongside my analytical skills. These two skills together allow me to take technical information and break it down into consumable parts.

My Product Marketing Approach

I start off any go-to-market strategy by interviewing or working with the technical side of the business, whether this is an engineer or technical product owner. The goal is to better understand the product or solution I need to bring to market. Once I better understand pain points and use cases I am able to identify target customers. I think about what use case will resonate with which audience. I begin to outline messaging differentiated by audience. I consider our internal teams part of this messaging process. For example, what training will sales need? Next, I think about the various marketing channels and tactics we’re already using, and how I can leverage them to get the message out. I even think about the gaps, and how we can fill them. Typically, collateral I’ll create includes:

  • Web & landing page copy

  • Ad copy

  • Nurturing email campaigns

  • Data sheets

  • Case studies

  • Videos

  • Pitch decks

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