Anna Gehan

Anna Gehan Portfolio

Anna Gehan Portfolio

I have over six years of experience marketing products and services in the enterprise technology space. During this time, I’ve created web copy, email campaigns, product videos, product data sheets, case studies, and pitch decks. Examples are below.

Data Sheets

These data sheets are meant to be high-level marketing materials for the technical audience. I started with an interview with the company’s internal product experts. From there, I identified features and benefits the products provide to our clients.


Case Studies

For these case studies, I interviewed happy clients via email and/or phone. The clients' answers provided me with enough background to create challenge-solution structured case studies. 



In these first two videos, I created a script and storyboard which I provided to an outside firm to animate. I managed this process to ensure the end product accurately conveyed a compelling story about our products. The third video is a case study created as part of a larger email nurture campaign. I was disappointed in the conversion rate of previous nurture campaigns sent to this particular audience. Rather than include a call to action of reading a static, written case study, I created this video version to see if I could increase the conversion rate.